We bring you to the next level

We are the IT-company with a we-perspective in everything we do

That means that we are close to you and your organization, with the right skills and drive to bring you to the next level. It also means that we take care of our consultants and provide them with the freedom and possibility of work life balance and personal development. In that way our consultants can focus on what they are best at doing; developing your organization to reach its potential through IT.


The most attractive model on the market

The model is based on our consultants’ time. They can focus on doing a great job for our clients while colleagues at Viati take care of the rest.

The engine in Viati is the 80/20 model which means that 80 % of our consultants’ fees go directly to their personal pay check. The residual 20% goes to the Viati parent company as a contribution margin and to shareholders as dividends.

This 20% includes support to our consultants with assistance in finding new projects, administrational tasks, training tools and presentation material, naming just a few of the benefits.

Growth and partnership

Viati has experienced strong growth since 2005, and sales during the last financial year (2022/2023) were 325 million SEK. The profit margin has annually been between 10 and 15 %, despite market leading wages. This is possible due to the consulting industry’s lowest overhead costs. For example, we only have five full-time overheads for our 115 employees. In addition to our 115 full time consultants, we have many part time project staff. We can proudly say that Viati has Soliditet and UC’s highest credit rating (AAA and UC 5). Generally, companies require 10 years of being in business to obtain a AAA, Viati was one out of two companies in 2011 that received it early (after only 5 years). Viati’s success is based on having employees that feel involved and engaged in the company. Therefore, all employees are given the opportunity to become partners. Viati is therefore fully owned by the employees in our company. Ownership helps drive the consultants’ motivation, and can become a significant source of income in addition to the salary. The actual proportion of our consultants ‘personal’ fees are therefore higher than 80%. For more information about the most powerful compensation model on the market, see the 80/20 model above.


Find us

The Viati Group is operated in regional subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are currently Viati Dalarna AB, Viati Göteborg AB, Viati Stockholm AB, Viati Sundsvall AB, Viati Örebro AB and Viati AS, with more to come. The parent company is Viati AB. All companies collaborate closely and share the same mission, vision and core values.